Why? Why? Why?

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Why am I creating yet another web log to clog the arteries of the internets?  Let me provide an illustrative anecdote.  I enjoy watching and playing soccer, although I am unschooled in either pursuit.  The other day, while I was flailing away at a very casual pick-up game, I had a moment of joy and managed to skitter the ball around a much younger and much more skilled player.  The soccer-wizened guy who was playing next to me said:  “Did you do that on purpose?  Do you know what you did?”  While I thought I had cleverly improvised, he pointed out that I had just done this:

A Cruyff Turn

I was both proud and gobsmacked.  Johan Cruyff is a hero of mine for many reasons, but primarily for his jazz musician-like, logical yet improvisational approach to the game.  This was a guy who applied his very powerful noggin to some truly thoughtful, groundbreaking, avant-garde soccer that changed how things were done.  Suddenly, in the middle of a nobody-bothers-to-keep-score pick-up game, I realized I had lived the perfect metaphor for my entire teaching career:  re-inventing the Cruyff Turn.  Every day I have been improvising, brainstorming and trying to develop engaging ways to get information into the heads of my aspiring culinarians.  Lost in the Career Tech Ed wilderness, I know there must be resources, but I haven’t been able to find any high school culinary arts Cruyffs who’ve figured out all the cool ways to do stuff.  This summer while investigating Standards Based Grading (thanks to Shawn Cornally and friends Think Thank Thunk: BlueHarvest), I discovered the amazing world of edu-blogging and edu-twitter.  Perhaps through the astonishing power of the PLN I can discover some virtual shoulders to stand on.

My hopes are two fold:
1)  To place before the interweb community some pertinent details of how I’m currently doing things, resources and materials I enjoy, my personal brand of edu-guerilla tactics/techniques and some stuff that just seems amusing.  This will be both a record for me and I hope a resource for others.

2)  To seek the freshest advices of other educators, culinarians, footballers, fencers, SBGeeks, physics mavens, math fans and the rest, all here on this Gilligan’s Island of the World Wide Web.  Criticisms, witticisms, politely phrased of course, are welcome.

In my travels through the ether, I have found the online voice of CTE to be very elusive and difficult to track down.   With that in mind, I’m going  to curate as much meaningful and useful CTE content as I can.  If you or anyone you know in vocational education, especially culinary arts, has an online presence, please post any info here and I will do my best to follow-up.

Thanks for playing and I look forward to your comments.


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