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I had a brain shower the other day and came up with a plan to create an online cookbook to house my students final project recipes.  It was inspired by Ferran Adria‘s book, “Family Meal” and I want to format it in such a way that recipes can be printed out or surfed through a browser.  This website also promises that we should be able to turn it into an app!

Create Mobile Apps | Conduit Mobile.

Here’s what I love about “Family Meal”:

A Mise en Place of Beauty
I Love the Visuals of this Book!

The elegance of communication and organization in this cookbook will be the guiding principles of our own publication.  I want to integrate photos and the step by step storyboard nature of the recipes from “Family Meals” with the more traditional ‘print this page’ style of most online cookbooks.

Storyboard M.O.P.
The storyboard is a natural and incredibly efficient means of communicating a procedure.

For this semester, since our classes are in the middle school I’ve made the actual production of the students’ final project optional, but with bonus points if they make it at home and document their process.  I hope to be able to use these photos in a way similar to Adria, but perhaps in a full blown comic book format.  I think this would be more appealing or at least engaging for my students.  We’ll see.  I have hopes of including some professional recipes as well and the comic book format might be off-putting to some potential contributors.  We’ll see.  I do think this presentation style would be very useful in an e-book and would like to offer it as an app as well.  That’s why I have high hopes for Conduit Mobile.  I’ll keep posting our progress as we get some but for now, wish us well!


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