Shawn Cornally Deconstructs Sausage of Learning!

Think Thank Thunk » The Offal Lesson:.

This is awesome! I love Cornally’s frankness and his perspective.  I feel lucky to have someone working on Standards Based Grading in a way that I expect will one day be super-useful for my  culinary arts students, as well.  I am saddened by the fact that I haven’t been able to find someone in the Career Technical Ed field who is looking at assessments and grading in a similar way.  This seems ironic considering how long CTE has been competency based, but perhaps the real issue has been an inability to co-ordinate Vocational’s standards based approach with a regular school assessment system.  I started learning about SBG this last summer because I wanted to have one gradebook instead of two.  Perhaps with the help of the SBG twitter posse , this will become a reality one day.


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