Get Up 8!


Pretend I had more time and I posted a famous clip from “Wallstreet”.  You know the one where Michael Douglas gives his famous “Greed is good” speech.  I can at least provide a visual aid:

“FAILURE is good.”

To continue our exercise in visualization, please imagine I have facetiously and somewhat clumsily voiced over the word greed with the word failure and we have officially reached the hook of this post!

It was a distinct pleasure the other day to take down from the bulletin board an inspirational bill that I put together and posted for myself near the door of my classroom:

perseverenceThere amongst the Gallon Men and various marketing devices I saw everyday on my way out of the class my own personal bumper sticker of encouragement.  The original Japanese proverb translates as “fall seven times stand up eight.”  I created it the Monday after my failed attempt at the Certified Executive Chef practical.  I made the best I could of the event and detailed my travails to my classes including my mistakes and the circumstances that led to my lack of practice that is so key to success.

The process and all the thought that went into getting ready for the test a second time focused my attention on the very fundamentals I’m so busy imparting to my young culinarians.  As a result I feel they have produced some of the best food I’ve seen in my time at LCHS.

It was also gratifying to be able to share my practices and my success with the students as a journey we went through together – we don’t usually get to fabricate lobster.  In fact it was one of my students who brought up that the “Fall 7 Times” poster had outlived it’s reason to be posted and that made the ritual even more satisfying.

I believe it’s important for students to understand that things don’t always work out like they do in movies or video games but if you keep getting up, you can eventually get where you want to go and you’ll be a better, stronger person when you get there.

As of today, I received official notification that I’m officially a Certified Executive Chef, which I earned with a very strong performance in my practical, producing a menu that really did express the classical fundamentals I want my students to learn.

Failure is Good.


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