#EFMOC Examples From My Own Cooking

This is worth putting up again as I bet culinary teachers are still cooking dinner…

Mise en Plaos

Have you ever been making something at home and thought to yourself, “I wish I could show this to my students, this is a great example of…”?  I have found it’s always more engaging and memorable for students when an example has a personal connection and I believe people are naturally fascinated with what others cook and eat.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource showing non-textbook examples and what of connecting with other culinary educators with similar skills and interest?  If everyone who wanted to share and create such an archive would post a picture on twitter with a brief description and #EFMOC for #examplesfrommyowncooking this could very simply become a reality.  I have posted a pretty good example of onions cooked to the translucent phase, a term that many students find to be confusing.  Why don’t you add to this resource the next time you are making…

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